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February 18, 2007


Colette Ballou Lamotte

Philip, I would love to know if there are any VCs that you are impressed with in Europe. I definately see a few that are getting more daring, which certainly was not the case even 5 years ago.

And yes, we are lacking that angel community, although I am seeing some people (Gilles Babinet, for one) who are re-investing after nice exits -- see his two companies, Eyeka & MXP4.

alan patrick

I think there is a gap between the levels most (not all) European VC's will invest, and the funding many early stage Web 2.0 businesses need.

Philip Wilkinson

I definitely don't agree with your point on VC's "taking risks" in Europe. Generally they will only invest if you take out all the risk, show a profit, and a strong growing user base. Hardly possible in the early stages of the business.

We have the skills and people -we just don't have a strong angel community that nurtures, fosters, and supports new talent and business.

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