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April 09, 2007



Oh well. This topic is always fun.
FYI, emirates starts authorizing phone calls next month and Air France will start this year.
As a matter of fact, if phones were really suspected of being of any danger to the plane, let me tell you that the nice people at security would NOT allow them in the cabin. There would be - - yet - - another dumb procedure like separating the battery from the phone...
Also, if a $30 phone can bug a $10 MUSD worth of state of the art avionics (that have required billions in R&D), I recommend you sell instantly any Honeywell or Rockwell-Colins stock you hold.
Let's be serious. Phones are not a threat to the aircraft. The whole idea started about 10 years ago when a plane went down and somebody suggested that phone used could have bugged the avionics. NOTHING ever supported this allegation.
Now,if you ask my opinion, I would ban then for comfort, not security.

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