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May 27, 2007


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Seriously. There are loooooooong threads started by men who haven't gotten laid in a long time asking for "help" to rekindle their sex lives. Any attempts to actually provide them with help will result in a lecture about how their wife wouldn't accept oral or any kind of sexual touch. They are only looking to bitch and commiserate with other men who aren't getting any.

Zohra DALI

Hi Colette, you are right, thanks for this. May be we could add that a reporter's business is about providing NEWS to their readers. So our job is about highlighting the value of what our client bring and help them highlight their differentiation. In that extend, we act a a strategic advisor, analyzing their business, competitors and market. No good PR without strategic advice. Cheers

alan p

Having run companies that have both used and dispensed with PR, I agree with some of what you say - but also I think PR has to "get real".

1. Companies don't spend money without getting some idea of the output results or their timescales elsewhere - why would they for PR?

2. Their people are darn busy and can't "drop everything" - companies need PR to plan their resource usage as much as anyone else.

Margie Zable Fisher


Thanks for posting this. You got it right. Both the client and the P.R. person have a stake in making this work. And, of course, once everyone communicates, great things can happen.


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