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September 17, 2007


Colette Ballou Lamotte

Joel, that was the most meaningful two days of my life. Or was it 36 hours?


Hmmm... me, a stalker? Nah. Just fond of some old memories. Playing with ghosts can be dangerous, though. No?


OMG! Too funny! Absolutely! Of course the tricky part isn't in the stalking (I do believe I have THAT part down!), it's in deciding what part of YOURSELF you want to reveal and to WHO! I mean we have a lot of different characters to show: the friend, the family member, the drinking buddy, the sophisticated business woman (why, yes, I WAS talking about me, why do you ask?). And you don't necessarily want to reveal all these things to all people! (ie: do I really want my clients or my Dad, for that matter, seeing all those party photos I want to share with my friends?!?! (hide the bottles!) I have a blog for personal stuff (sadly unupdated for many moons)-for friends, but don't think it would bring me new clients!
And now they have all these sites that can troll EVERYWHERE for all online info about you. Sure, my friends are welcome to see my blog, but do I really want them to be able to access my WW account?!?!?! Hell, no!
And there are consequences! Not only have people been fired from their jobs for posting snarky comments about their bosses, etc., but employers are vetting potential hires on MySpace, etc. to see just what they are getting up to in their off hours (recreational drug use, resume padding, illegal dog fighting, etc.) It's a dangerous world out there!

Colette Ballou Lamotte

Dude, you are so right. Google was the first step, this is evolution, Baby. Soon we are all going to have RFID chips in our heads so "randomly" bump into that hot hotster we've been checking out on-line while just happening to be in our sexiest outfit.


who among us has not google'd a person after having met them out? searching for them on the social networking sites is a natural outgrowth of that. let those living in computer and wifi-infested glass houses not cast the first stone.

uh, mixed metaphors, i know.


golly, and all this time i thought you were actually working. there goes the myth.

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