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July 10, 2008


Colette Ballou Lamotte

Hey Carter,

I think you nailed it, it's a combination of both. Since I am in a world surrounded by entrepreneurs, I really don't experience it that much. I know I would not be as happy transplanted here in France if I did.


Interesting analysis. I wonder which plays a larger role in impeding the pan-European entrepreneurial spirit: the social mindset throughout Europe of "playing it safe," like you said, or is it the legal and/or business environment itself that holds people back from being able to take greater risks?

I remember reading a survey done by the BBC in 2004 stating that a majority of Americans surveyed desired to achieve executive status of wherever they were employed while Europeans surveyed were satisfied with their current positions. Initially shocking to me, I found that to be more true throughout Italy, France, and the UK as I continued studies across Europe.

I wonder if you feel/see any of that from your perspective.

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